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"Eagles Don't Flock..."

With over thirty-five years of consulting experience, Genesis Consulting Partners has been privileged to serve as clients many prestigious industry leaders both in the US and abroad.

Our Partners have experience with some of the world's leading executive search and general management consulting firms.

This experience has given us confidence that we understand what creates consulting success-- those elusive ingredients that combine to achieve it, and those that too often conspire to defeat it.

No matter how complex the consulting challenge, the single most important key to success is always the same -- it's the individual responsible for the day-to-day work. It's his/her knowledge, experience, judgment, maturity, resourcefulness, and commitment that count. Little else matters.

Failure most often occurs when a consulting firm gets too large. Economic pressures coupled with severe constraints imposed by extensive "off limits" restrictions compromise professional results and ethical judgment; organizational size and complexity blurs accountability; risk aversion and political agility triumph over bold, creative decision-making. And the impersonality of big firms makes them seem like good hiding places for consultants who seek to maximize personal income while minimizing personal risk.

As a result, we have found that the most successful consultants aren't apt to be found in the big firms. That because they behave a lot like eagles. They fly high, and are often hard to find because

"Eagles don't flock. You have to find them one at a time."

So if you're searching for the best consultant most apt to succeed, the place to look is in smaller, more entrepreneurial, non-corporate roosts. Released from big company economics and politics, it is there they are free to soar in an environment of freedom, trust, and individual responsibility.

Genesis Consulting Partners is just such a place, a boutique firm, and we plan to keep it that way. Not only because that's what's best for our clients, but also because here, we, too, can fly as high as our wings will carry us.

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